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Sex Lessons Online

There is a lack of sex education in our culture. The availability of porn online exacerbates the problem, as well as the fact that people are feeling an increasing sense of isolation in our current society. These days it's easy to become more confused and at a loss about how to create a fulfilling sex life.


How do you get your needs met?

How do you please your partner?

How do you even talk about sex?


I am here to help. 

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I've been very fortunate in my life to be able to make my own personal sex education a priority.


As well as immersing myself in three long-term relationships, I also trained in Tantra for two decades. I enjoy talking about sex and am at ease chatting about this topic with people of all ages and backgrounds. I love to dive deep too, exploring areas where perhaps you may not have dared to go before. 


I've run courses, taught couples and individuals and written two books on the subject of tantric sex and sensual massage for leading publishers Dorling Kindersley:

Tantric Sex - The Path to Sexual Bliss

Ultimate Erotic Massage

Both under the name of Kavida Rei

It's a source of joy for me to witness people become more comfortable in their relationship to sex and to their own bodies. I enjoy helping people to find a partner or enhance the quality of their current primary relationship.


Feel free to email or ring for an initial chat

+44 (0)7868 208320

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