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Alan A.

"With her caring and non-judgemental approach, Lili helped me deal with relationship and sexual difficulties I had been experiencing. I owe her a lot!"

Catherine C.

"The work with Lili was eye-opening and different from my previous experience of therapy. I found the sessions liberating and really appreciate the insights I gained."

Scott N.

"Lili is an incredible therapist. She was able to give me the tools to release the suffering I’d been experiencing. Lili has a compassion that feels true. Her skills are quite clearly life learned and not just out of a text book."

Commitment to growth

I love asking that question - the one that makes you think outside the box or contemplate a new perspective. I enjoy suggesting exercises that open your mind, body and heart. But mostly I like listening. To your stories. To your hopes and fears. To you. I am here to hold a space in which you can safely explore the more hidden aspects of your psyche. This kind of work is an opportunity for you to evolve, becoming healthier, happier and more aware in all areas of your life.

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