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Since 1983 I’ve participated in a number of personal development and spiritual growth trainings, including EST, The Forum, The Mastery and various workshops at Esalen and Findhorn.


I began an in-depth study of Tantra in 2000 with the School of Awakening and gradually combined all three disciplines of massage, counselling and tantra into a unique therapeutic modality which I developed over many years.


I took a sabbatical from my practice in 2016 to travel and found my way to care work which has been incredibly rewarding and humbling. I am a natural carer. I’ve been a mother and more recently looked after elderly people at a confusing and challenging time for them. I’m comfortable being with people at all of life’s stages, presenting a wide range of issues. 

From my intensive experience with bodywork and tantra I’m very sensitive to emotional changes in my clients. I'm able to feel these subtleties remotely, therefore am able to offer effective counselling online.




My life’s journey has instilled a profound fascination for human beings - their emotions, behaviours and thoughts. I love personal transformation and I am adept at finding hidden obstacles that are preventing people from living a fulfilling life. 


I fly the flag for freedom - from old stories and past wounds that are keeping your true nature buried. I will hold your hand as you move forward on the path to becoming whole, emotionally and psychologically. 


Here’s some of the other stuff I’ve managed to squeeze in along the way:


Played music from the age of 5, ending up at Dartington College of Arts at 16, studying classical violin and singing.


Learned speech and drama from the age of 5, ending up at Guildford School of Acting at 18.


Busked as a singer/guitarist for a couple of years (quite famous outside Bath Abbey and on the Piccadilly Line)


Lived in the USA for six years, conquering both New York and LA, finally giving birth to my first son in Beverly Hills before moving back home.


Put both sons through the full Waldorf Steiner curriculum in the Kings Langley Steiner school and am now a doting Grandma.


Was invited to write two books for Dorling Kindersley under the name Kavida Rei (‘Tantric Sex’ and ‘Ultimate Erotic Massage’)


Became a Tantric Celebrity, appearing on a handful of TV shows, most of which have (fortunately) fallen off the internet.


Wrote an album’s worth of comedy songs.


Wrote three album’s worth of sad love songs.


LILI FREE - 07868 298320

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